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Dennis Kennedy tests MacBook Pro : Out of the abyss for legal profession

Apple has sent Dennis Kennedy a MacBook Pro to see how it fits into the practice of law.

Let’s give it a fair shake Dennis. If more lawyers used Mac’s, the legal profession would not be nearly as far behind on the innovation front. Getting caught up in this ‘what about all the software’ is getting old and tired.

We’re moving to non-networked web based applications at lightening speed. Such applications are perfect for small firms (3 lawyers or less), where 75% of this nation’s lawyers practice. In addition, though I haven’t practice for going on a decade, I hear nothing but complaints from lawyers in small firms about all the software they’re sold. Such lawyers don’t have IT staff to run around solving problems.

Heck, the best marketing director a small firm could have is a MacBook Pro with NetNewswire (Mac RSS aggregator) and MarsEdit (Mac blog publisher). These are the great equalizers as far as small firm lawyers going against the big boys.

And if lawyers need a black box, go get the Darthbook, Apple’s latest entry.

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