Blogs hot tool for law firm marketing : Baton Rouge Business Report

Blogs are a hot tool for law firm marketing according to an article this past week in the Baton Rouge Business Report. Highlights the advantages of blogs and the positive experiences of three law firms.

Features lawyers and legal marketing professionals from three LexBlog clients.

Carol Todd Thomas, chief marketing officer for Jones Walker, was cited as a non blog fan. Though the firm “….[Da]bbled some in blogging, …it has moved instead to a weekly e-newsletter. Unlike with a blog, readers receive only the information they want.”

Boy does Thomas not understand blogs. It’s blogs that allow users to receive only the information they want. Jones Walker will move to blogs as their audience shifts to receipt of content via RSS and away from email with Internet Explorer 7 and Window’s new operating platform.

Larry Bodine, publisher of his own law marketing blog, and I are also quoted at length.

What has really impressed me about my own blog is the amount of media exposure I have gotten as a result. It’s to the point where there’s no way I could follow up to get copies of stories for which I was contacted because of my expertise. I catch them my monitoring keywords and key phrases via RSS. Picked this article up by virtue of my RSS feeds from Google News.

Trial lawyer turned legal tech entrepreneur, I am the founder and CEO of LexBlog, a legal blog community of over 30,000 blog publishers, worldwide. LexBlog’s publishing platform is used on a subscription basis by over 18,000 legal professionals, including the largest law firm in each India, China and the United States.

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