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MySpace not for law firms and professional service businesses

Despite MySpace being the largest social networking online community and experiencing over 300% growth the last year, MySpace is not for most law firms and professional service businesses. This per Anita Campbell at Small Business Trends.

I have read a few reports recently like this article in Fortune magazine that starts out, ‘Entrepreneurs are striking gold on MySpace….’ The claims range from being a great place to network for business connections to a promising place to advertise.

I suppose that’s true if (1) you run a business that caters to teens and early twenty-somethings and you want to advertise to reach them, especially anything music- or film-related, or (2) you typically do your sales prospecting and business networking in the Personals section of the newspaper……Unless you are involved in the music or film industry, or yours is the kind of business that advertises in the Personals page and you are dying to get at the youth demographic, or possibly you are trying to recruit multi-level marketers, then MySpace is not likely to be helpful for your small business. Outside of these narrow areas, small business owners and managers would be wise to spend their limited time on other marketing and promotional strategies. For similar skeptical thoughts about the small business value of MySpace, read Social Networking for SMBs or How to Succeed in Business.

I agree with Anita. I’ve bounced around MySpace to see what all the buzz was about. Heck, I’d be scared of the impact on my reputation if my firm’s or my name was even used in MySpace. It’s no place to look for marketing or networking opportunities for the vast majority of lawyers and other professional services firms.

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