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Yahoo launches overhauled online advertising

Monday brings Yahoo’s overhauled online advertising program.

The technology overhaul has come to be seen on Wall Street as Yahoo’s most significant single initiative this year, as it tries to overcome a widening gulf between the effectiveness of its own advertising system and that operated by Google.

The new system marks the first complete revamp since the platform was launched by internet start-up GoTo in the late-1990s and is designed to act as the foundation on which much of Yahoo’s advertising business will run for at least the next five years, said Tim Cadogan, vice-president of search at Yahoo.

The interface and tutorials for Yahoo’s sponsored search are already up tonight. On first glance, looks pretty nice and easy to use.

Law firms and professional service firms ought to take advantage of sponsored links. Though organic search engine results are the best, sponsored links at Yahoo and Google can be an inexpensive buy, especially when targeting by locale and/or niche.

Source of post: John Battelle’s Searchblog

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