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Customizing RSS feeds

Rok Hrastnik, an Internet marketing expert, and author of Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS, has a nice post on customizing your RSS feeds.

Rok says the problem with most RSS marketing plans is that the marketer doesn’t really go beyond providing a simple RSS feed for all of his online news or his blog. He advises to correctly plan your RSS marketing strategy by deciding how you are going to deliver your RSS content.

Rok says to provide individual RSS feeds for:

  • Your individual target audiences,
  • Your different types of content, and
  • Even your different content topics.

Not a bad idea for firms or individuals producing a lot of content. In the future you are going to see more and more of customized feeds coming from an individual blog or website. Users can then get only those feeds they want from your blog. That will be real big when most people are receiving their news and information via RSS.

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