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Stock blogs launch will lead to increase in corporate blogs

We’re going to see an increase in corporate blogs following the launch AOL’s Blogging Stocks. This per Steve Rubel at Micro Persuasion.

With this launch, many more employees inside some of the biggest corporations in the world will have a big incentive to start reading blogs. In addition, so will investor relations professionals, analysts, press and any other stragglers. Suddenly blogs aren’t just a sideshow, but a major influence that can impact companies positively and negatively where it matters most – shareholder value.

Had not thought of this but Steve’s right. Jason Calacanis, co-founder of Weblogs, Inc., now owned by AOL, may have hit one out of the park with this one. Blogs won’t look like kid’s stuff anymore to those who have ignored blogs so far. Stock blogs are likely to generate buzz on topics affecting stock prices. Corporations will need to listen to this blog discussion and create blogs of their to enter the discussion so as communicate with investors and the media.

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