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Blog design adds credibility

April 27, 2006

Darren Rowse at Pro Blogger writes that good blog design gives you credibility.

First impressions count and in a world where there are millions of people pitching themselves on virtually any topic you can think of you need to seriously consider how you’ll stand out from the crowd and present yourself in a way that will draw readers into your blog.

Experience, Expertise, Longevity (and every other principle that I’ll talk about in this series) are great at building credibility once a reader makes a decision to actually explore your blog but there are a few crucial seconds that happen before this decision is made and blog design can play a big part and communicate a lot.

Here’s the questions Darren says to ask yourself.

  • What does my blog communicate about me?
  • Do the messages I’m trying to convey get lost in the clutter or are they just not there at all?
  • Can people tell within a second or two what my blog is about at a first glance?
  • Does my design fit with the message that I want to convey?

For lawyers and professional service firm you’ve got to look good. Your clients and prospects coming to your blog for the first time, may not know many blogs do not have nice designs. When they see your amateur or free design, it’s going to reflect badly on you.

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