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Blogging essential to your career

Blogging is essential to your career says The Boston Globe.

Their reasons as summarized by Liz Strauss at Successful Bloggers:

  • Blogging gets folks visibility
  • Blogs update more often and so rank higher in search engines when employers Google candidates, which employers are doing.
  • Blogging forms connection with other bloggers much like networking.
  • Blogging shows a blogger starting conversations and interacting with others, which are positive traits that employers look for.
  • Blogging is the consummate home page, resume, and interview put together.
  • Blogging is an education–in order to blog on any subject daily a blogger gets to know it well.
  • Blogging opens up opportunities–blogging IS walking the walk–a blogger can pretend to know and so opportunities start to show up.
  • Blogging offers a chance to add content to the Internet rather than always taking it away.

Couldn’t agree more.

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