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Comment spam solved by Akismet?

I‘ve been getting slammed by comment spam the last week. We’re doing some work across the LexBlog network to alleviate the issue for our clients.

So I had a keen interest when I ran across word from the Blog Herald of Automattic’s Akismet anti-spam package for Movable Type.

It still isn’t 100% to where we want it, as interactions with MT’s built-in spam filters and options can negate Akismet’s effectiveness, but we feel it’s now to a point where it can provide a much better protection than MT users are getting currently.

The comments have been real positive including that from John Batelle calling it death to spam. Aaron Brazell also has nice post at Pro Blogger providing details on how Akismet works.

Looks like something LexBlog IT will be looking at over the next week. I’ll keep you up to date.

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