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Blog success: Write more about less

Tech columnist Charles Bermant had an interesting piece on blogs in our Seattle Times this morning.

He may have nailed the key to blog success for lawyers and professional services people in his closing.

One of my writing teachers recommended writing for a singular target. If you can reach an individual, it can by extension speak to the masses.

I would like to see blogs with this kind of focus and follow another wise writing technique — to write more about less. Instead, we are running toward a world where talking is more valuable than listening.

Boy is this key. Focus on a niche. Write to an audience of one to begin. Listen to what others are saying on that niche via RSS feeds. Share what you hear on that niche. Your audience will grow beyond what you ever dreamed.

By publishing good information on a niche, even if it is just sharing what you hear elsewhere, you will not be able to keep your target audience away.

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