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Gaining blog readers : It’s simple

Publish good, valuable and practical information and insight on a niche topic and you will not be able to keep your target audience away. It’s a fact.

Darren Rowse, publisher of Pro Blogger, says basically the same thing for gaining blog readers.

I’d sum it all up by simply saying that the way to gain readers is to ‘develop a useful blog’. I think if you give your readers something that they want or need and they’ll put up with almost any mistake you might make (massive generalization I know – but it’s what it comes down to to me).

I am not talking of publishing the bible or a treatise on the niche. Just keep your ears to the ground for interesting information on the niche in which you practice in or are seeking to grow. Heck, you do it anyway to keep up to speed in your practice. Now, just dribble out on a blog some of that information with a comment or two of yours.

This ain’t rocket science. You’re streaming out helpful news on an area I need to keep abreast of. Take insurance coverage law issues in a state in which I am an insurance exec, in house counsel, or an insurance adjustor. I run across your insurance coverage blog in my reading on the net. I can now subscribe to your content for free. Content that can help me do a better job in less time. Am I going to subscribe? Think so.

It’s working for me and many other professionals.

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