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NewsGator improvements will advance use of RSS

NewsGator has been a roll lately. They’ve just released updated versions of Netnewswire (mac desktop RSS feed aggregator) and FeedDemon (PC desktop RSS aggregator). Steve Rubel now reports NewsGator is upgrading it’s web based aggregator. Take a look.

Using RSS feeds for reading the content you want, from who you want and when you want it is nothing short of life changing. Just ask lawyers or other business professionals who’ve mastered the use of RSS feeds.

The problem in advancing the use of RSS to more lawyers and other professionals has been the lack of easy to set up and use aggregators. Netnewsire and FeedDemon are good but they require downloads. Netnewsire downloads on a mac were not a problem. But most business folks are using PC’s locked down by IT to prevent them from installing new software like FeedDemon. Bloglines has been okay, but there are shortcomings when trying to monitor keywords and key phrases by RSS.

I’ve found Newsgator’s user interface till now to be among the most confusing on the net. If these guys can master an easy to use web based aggregator of selected blog RSS feeds combined with getting RSS feeds by selected keywords, game’s on. And NewsGator will have 10 to 20 new law firms and professional business firms a month in the form of LexBlog clients using NewsGator. We’ll include it part and parcel in our RSS training.

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