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Blawg – Law blog content getting better by the day : Depth of content may exceeed ALM

Bill Gratsch of, a directory of blawgs – law blogs, posts that the depth of blawg content published is getting better by the day.

Something that is becoming increasing clear: the sheer depth and breadth of the blawgosphere continues to get deeper and wider. And, this growth is resulting in increasing quality in the discussions bouncing around the ‘sphere……Unlike too many articles these days, wherein the coverage seems to be a retread of a wire report on the subject, the blawgosphere’s diversity allowed me to read the views of legal consultants, law students, recruiters, professors, large law firm attorneys, small law firm attorneys, etc.. All offering their own commentary about the recent salary increases, pro and con.

Bill raises an excellent point. It’s very possible, if not probable, that the depth of law content being published on law blogs is greater than that being published by the largest legal media company, American Lawyer Media (ALM). Sure, ALM publishes The National Law Journal, numerous state law journals, and newsletters, but for law from practicing lawyers, law blogs have it all over ALM’s content.

This is not to slight the value of ALM. But it’s amazing to think that the aggregate power of personal publishing platforms run by lawyers has in only a couple years equaled a major publisher that’s been around for decades. Imagine the force when the majority of lawyers publish a blog. The day is coming.

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