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Why should lawyers have a blog? Because it’s marketing the traditional way

March 12, 2006

South Carolina Trial lawyer and blog expert Dave Swanner has an excellent post on why lawyers should have a blog.

Dave asks the question “How Do We Know that Having a Weblogs Will Work?”

Because it’s the same thing that lawyers have always done. The ‘old school’ method is to give presentations at conferences and network with other lawyers. That’s what weblogs give you. The chance to get your knowledge across, but rather than give a 30–45 minute presentation at a Convention, you can give the information 2–3 paragraphs at a time. You get to pick the topics. You get to pick the timing. You get to pick when and what you want to say. Say more. Say less. It’s your call.

Plus, you get the advantages of networking. Sharing information with other lawyers who blog. Linking to their best information (posts) and they link to your best stuff.

One advantage to the weblogs is that once you write the post, the information is out there on the internet and available to the search engines. A firm newsletter, once written and mailed has a relatively short shelf life. The posts are available to the search engines and you never know when people will do a search and find you and your blog.

Dave and I talked about some of these points before his presentation on blogs at a trial lawyers meeting in New Orleans last month. Dave reports his blog presentation was well received, so much so that he’ll be doing a series on his South Carolina Trial Law Blog this week on how to start a blog.

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