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Alaskan lawyer : Blog communications at their best

Was struck this evening by an Alaskan lawyer’s blog post.

Attorney Steven Wells posts a simple and down to earth message beginning by thanking readers for all their support during a recent trial. Goes on to say this is “one of the saddest and yet most exciting posts I have written.” Despite the rewards of his criminal defense work as part of the Office of Public Advocacy, Steve’s going into private practice because of the stress of state wide travel doing Class A Felonies (murder, rape and robbery.)

I’m heading into private practice, hanging out a shingle. I’m going to be renting space from a friend of mine who has his own office, which should minimize expenses and give me a good head start……I will keep blawgging. In fact, I will be able to blawg from work once I start my firm. The first few months, that may be all that I do. I am really grateful to have had the opportunity to handle this position. It has taught me a great deal and I would like to think I’ve handled it well. Others can make that decision. For now, though, I know that I need to be moving on.

I spend my time discussing law blogs for marketing. But there’s something more to lawyer blogs. If you’re the sole publisher of the blog, you’ll get to know a heck of a lot people. People thousands of miles a way that you’ll never meet in person. People who’ll offer you insight and feedback as well as a shoulder to lean on when in need. This post is a great example of the that.

And drop Steve an email lending him support. Monday his is first day in private practice.

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