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Attract local business with your blog

Ted Demopoulos, co-author of Blogging for Business posts how to attract local business with your blog.

  • Pieces of Paper and Signs. Mention your blog on your invoices, fliers, your sign, etc. If you hand out any promotional literature, e.g. fliers or a sheet of current events in the store, not only mention your blog, but mention recent post topics, which are presumably about things of local interest that will interest your target audience.
  • Press Releases. Emphasize local news as a way to attract to local media coverage.
  • Search Engines. People look for local services on line. Search engine optimization is critical, and the basics for local optimization is simple.
  1. Blog Names. Search engine friendly names including location keywords such as the name of your town/city, state or other geographical info, and the type of service or product you provide.
  2. Post Titles. Include keywords in post titles – and for local blogs that includes location.
  3. Body Text. Mention geographical location and what you provide in the body text also, preferably several times in a natural way if you can.
  4. Title and Meta Tags. Blog pages, have a ‘title’ assigned to them and search engines index (save) pages by the title. In addition, blogs have several types of pages, including the main page, archive pages, and post pages can have separate title tags. The description and keywords meta tags can also be optimized for local search.
  5. Local Links. Links with text referring to location and your company’s service or product help search engines identify the topic of your blog. Far better yet are links to your blog from local directories, local newspaper Web sites, chambers of commerce, etc. Such external links identify the importance of your site for relevant local searches.

The majority of LexBlog’s law firm and professional service firm clients are looking to enhance a local or state reputation and to grow their business accordingly. Their success is proof blogs can attract local business.

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