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Four P’s of Blog Marketing

February 23, 2006

Playing on the Four P’s of the marketing profession – product, price, place and promotion, Steve Rubel serves up the Four P’s of Blog Marketing.

  • Passionate – Write about issues that are near and dear to your heart
  • Purposeful – Make sure you keep the end in mind; why are you blogging?
  • Present – Keep an eye on what’s topical today
  • Positional – Take a stand on an issue and follow it

Does anyone else wonder if Dick Edeleman told Steve, here’s your desk, here’s your big pay check and keep blogging like crazy? The guy is on a tear. Plus, Steve’ posts are rabidly crossing over from covering, with comment, what he reads on the net to more original ideas and personal insight. Man, he’s going to be even more of a force and a heck of an asset in bringing the world of blogs & RSS to Edelman clients.

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