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Bloglines having problems again

February 23, 2006

Darren Rowse wonders whether Blogines is having problems again. He’s finding an error on almost 1 in 10 feeds he’s following.

LexBlog has hundreds of lawyers and professional services business clients which it empowers to be effective bloggers via RSS. The problem is that most firms are not going allow a downloaded application such as NetNewswire (mac) or Feedemon (pc) to be installed on the firm’s computers. Then when we suggest Bloglines as a web based solution, we run into problems like this.

I would be great if PubSub, NewsGator or IceRocket could set up a cobranded service where the nation’s leading professionals could register and access their feeds. Law firms and professional services firms hourd information. In the case of many of them, especially law firms, they are accustomed to paying significant sums for this info. Paying $300 a year per seat for an effective way to access feeds would be a reasonable sum so long it has as a good user interface, is easy to use and is supported by a training crew from LexBlog. We’d even begin with suggested blog feeds and feeds for selected keywords tailored to the professional’s niche.

I’ve talked with some of the large aggregators. Let’s continue discussions. Could be a real win/win all around.

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