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Viral marketing via blogs

Following my last post that blog readers are the influencers of your target audience I ran across this viral marketing post from Seth Godin. Seth recently had conversations with three companies who achieved viral marketing success.

…All three have lots of success and credibility and leverage in marketing themselves person to person.

and all three want to grow

and all three are very close to spending big bucks on ads and salesforces to force the growth to happen faster.

As soon as they start using the tactics of the other guys, playing the game they play, they become them. As soon as they decide that they can buy (not earn) attention, it all changes.

It’s so easy to respond to growth pressure by pulling that trigger. Tempting, but not worth it.

LexBlog is living proof that viral or word of mouth marketing on the net can bring successes. This blog represents virtually our entire marketing effort.

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