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RSS news will replace newspapers as we know them : ALM are you listening?

RSS news will replace newspapers as we know them now is the subject of a post from Steve Rubel this evening.

The secret (which really isn’t so hidden) is that a scant few of the top 100 daily newspapers in the United States have RSS feeds that stream the full contents of the print edition. The notable exceptions here are the LA Times and The Boston Globe. …..This is a lost opportunity in the making; one of historic proportions. RSS is the future of news delivery. When I go to meetings and mention RSS, I don’t get the stares that I did a year ago. The revolution is reaching the masses.

Flash forward 10 years from today. We will look back and laugh how quaint it was that we received our news on dead trees. Yes, I am saying the word ‘newspaper’ will be a misnomer. News will be delivered automatically each day, not by the paper boy, but via wirelessly enabled e-paper devices that are easy to read. All of it will be powered by RSS.

Steve’s right and we’re not nuts to think it’s going to happen.

I was going to email or blog to Bill Pollak, CEO of ALM – American Lawyer Media, to explore the opportunity ALM is sitting on to make its incredible volumes of legal news available via RSS. Bill thought I was a little nuts back in ’98 when I pitched a law community intertwined with ALM’s legal content. He may still think I am nuts. But this time around all of his audience is on the net and soon they’ll all be using RSS.

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