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Niche blogs : Tip for selecting niche

Carolyn Elefant picked up on my recent post on niche blogs by suggesting one way of selecting your niche topic.

After you come up with an idea, run a couple of google news searches to see what articles it generates.  If there are at least two or three on your topic in a week, then you’ll probably have enough content to keep you busy.

Available published content by others is key as the best blogs tend to be clearinghouses of information the publisher sees and comments on. Two reasons. By commenting on other’s posts to the net, you’ll create a buzz for your blog. And by acting as a funnel of selected news on a niche topic you’ll pick up steady readership of people in your target audience.

Carolyn also cited great example of a new niche blog.

…Andrea Goldman’s newly created Home Contractor v. Homeowner, focusing on home improvement and construction law.  What a home run!  With housing pricing increasing, home improvement is becoming more and moe common and it’s an area where so many things can go wrong.  Legally, home improvement is interesting, allowing for coverage of a wide range of issues like like contracts and consumer law, bankruptcy and real estate. 

Niche blogs are the way to go. More and more people, ranging from business exec’s to consumers, are looking for information and insight on niche topics. Fill the void and you’ll become their reliable and trusted authority on the topic. Isn’t that what we all want to generate business?

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