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Attorneys need to learn to market themselves, expert says

February 19, 2006

Attorneys need to learn to market themselves is the subject of a nice article in The West Virginia Record.

The article comes as the West Virginia legislature begins to look at lawyer advertising. A pending resolution sponsored by a trial lawyer, says, in part, ‘The legal profession’s public image, once perceived as honorable and noble, has eroded into a carnival-like thing, akin to a blue-light special, touted on a used car lot.’

Ben Glass, an expert on lawyer advertising and the publisher of a law blog, is quoted at length and suggests looking at other industries.

The thing they do in common is provide access to quality information to consumers, which gets a consumer to call you first because you’re not trying to make a sale on this first interaction. It’s like saying, ‘I’ve got quality information, and I’ve got ways for you to test my information against others so you can make the best decision for your case.’

Blogs are the height of tasteful marketing. Lawyers lead with their strength, legal information they are uniquely qualified to share.

Read the whole article, it’s right on the money.

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