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Blogging can lead to tenure for law professors

February 18, 2006

Bill Sjostrom, a law professor at Chase College of Law (Northern Kentucky) and one of the bloggers at Truth on the Market, reports it’s possible blogging may lead to tenure.

I had my post-decision debriefing meeting with our Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion (RP&T) Committee this week (I got promoted to associate). This was my first RP&T meeting since I started blogging so I was interested in getting the committee’s take on it. Without a doubt it is favorable. In fact, to my surprise the committee consensus was that my blogging can count as scholarship, teaching and service for tenure purposes. It is up to me to make the case in my tenure materials as to why it should count. I plan to do so.

Blogging is all about doing research, critical thinking, and writing. Glad to see a law school open to recognizing the merits of blogging.

And Kudos to Bill, a fellow Notre Dame grad.

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