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Trackbacks are comments

February 15, 2006

Is ‘trackbacks’ a needed term in the world of blogging? LexBlog’s IT Director, Jesse Newland, thinks not. Trackbacks are comments is his argument, let’s not confuse the world by using the term trackbacks.

Comments are comments are comments. Trackbacks are comments. Readers want to see what other people have to say about your post, they couldn’t care less if someone made the comment on your blog, blogged about it themselves, emailed it to you, or muttered it in their sleep.

In A Beginner’s Guide to TrackBack, Ben and Mena [Trott – founders of Six Apart] ramble for a bit and then get to the point and say:

“This is a form of remote comments.”

……Let’s quit making blogging any more confusing than it should be.

Jesse may have a point. Darren Rowse, the king of professional blogging, combines comments and trackbacks on his Pro Blogger blog. Posts on other blogs referencing Darren’s posts are automatically displayed inline with comments, just as if they inserted in the comment field on Darren’s blog.

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