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Blogs as information funnel : Attracting your target audience

You can have a steady increase in monthly unique visitors to your blog. Just understand the concept of your blog acting as an information filter on a niche topic.

There is so much good information out there. The problem for people looking for information on a niche topic is how to identify and assimilate the good stuff. You can solve this problem by following RSS feeds and sharing what you believe is helpful content. You may even had a comment or offer your insight to the information shared.

You need not write an encyclopedia on the topic. No one expects you to. Just do a better job of building your personal knowledge base and share it with the public via a blog. Do this and you will not be able to keep your target audience away.

Neville Hobson turned me onto a post from Robin Good who nailed the concept in his post Blogs As Content Navigators, Information Filters and Trusted Niche Guides. Robin’s key points:

  • Because of the overload of information it is impossible for people to keep up with all of it.
  • Information needs to be sifted through and made sense of.
  • Bloggers also add richness to the already established reach of mass media.
  • Blogs can cater to niche audiences that mass media cannot because mass media must focus on the most important or biggest issues at hand.
  • Because of the Internet a blogger can have a niche audience of 5,000 readers a day from around the world.
  • A major factor is that blogs have little to no overhead to set up and run.
  • All that is needed is a computer and an Internet connection and a blogger can be up and running, so the distribution costs are cheap.

Pick a topic you’re passionate about that’s aligned with an area in which you do business. Find the information available, have that info fed to you via RSS and starting acting as a filter. You’ll be surprised by the audience you’ll attract, how they’ll view you as an authority on the topic and the business you’ll gain.

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