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Blog domain name : Get your own

Don’t fall into the trap of setting up a quick blog on a hosted platform such as TypePad or Blogger’s blogspot and being stuck on a sub-domain of theirs for your url address. Get your own blog domain is the subject of a post today from Emily Robbins on How to Blog.

So, you want to start a new blog.  Maybe you don’t have much experience with blogging, so you don’t think it’s that big of a deal which platform you choose or whether you have your own domain name.  Well think again.

Don’t fall trap to the disaster that I landed myself in, where I started casually blogging and ended up regularly blogging and hating the platform I was using but can’t easily switch because I stupidly put my blog on a subdomain of typepad (

Now I’m at TypePad’s mercy.  They own my ass because they own my address – even though I’m paying $150+ a year for their service.  The same could happen to you whether it’s a subdomain on,, or

By not having your own domain name, if you ever decide to move to another blogging platform you run the risk of losing all (or a lot) of your traffic, your search engine rankings, all of your hard earned incoming links, etc because you cannot take your URL with you.

LexBlog has been able to work some magic for redirecting incoming links from old blogs to our client’s blogs but there are limitations.

For those professionals who have a few bucks to market their business and not looking to handle tech things on their own, this is another reason to let a professional blog provider do the job for you.

Source of post: Pro Blogger

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