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NewsGator offers me best in keyword feeds. How about you?

NewsGator offers me the most reliable service to monitor RSS feeds for particular keywords and key phrases. I monitor up to 40 keywords and key phrases on three services. NewsGator, IceRocket and Technorati.

NewsGator not only picks up more blogs, news services and website feeds that include my selected keywords and key phrases, but it also gets them to me faster. IceRocket & Technorati, both free services, have served me well but recently NewsGator has been much more reliable.

Newsgator’s Business Service, the one I am using, costs $89.95/year or $11.95/month. At this level, you’ll get 40 NewsGator Smart Feeds. From their site:

Keyword Search. When you create a Keyword Search Feed, NewsGator will find web sites and blogs with content related to your selected keyword or phrase. You can search for topics that interest you, or even your own name to see who is talking about you!

URL Search. When you create a URL Search Feed, NewsGator will find web sites and blogs that mention that URL. This is a great way to see who is talking about your company’s web site or your personal weblog.

I don’t want to be running an ad for NewsGator, but when you’re actively networking on the blogosphere to enhance your reputation and generate work for your business, getting reliable feeds is important.

What are using to monitor keywords and key phrases? How’s it working? I welcome your thoughts in comments here or on your own blog.

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