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Blogs catching eye of later stage venture capitalists and enterprise investors

Shel Israel reports that blogs and related software are getting noticed by later stage VC’s.

Venture capitalists are divided into those that invest in early stages, taking greater risk and those VC’s who only invest at later stages where risk is less. In addition many VC’s stay away from consumer technology and stick with enterprise systems. Enterprise systems are generally for managing large volumes of a corporation’s data on internal dedicated servers.

Shel found confirmation that blogs will play a key roll in corporate communications based on a recent invite to speak to a later stage VC who only invests in enterprise systems.

But these guys [later stage VC’s investing in enterprise sysytems] feel an enormous pressure to start getting their arms around what’s going on in the blogosphere and with the growing number of rapidly emerging Web 2.0 companies. They believe that two years down the line the enterprise will be emersed in these technologies, and if this firm is to be smart then, they need to start learning now.

To me this is a great confirmation that the enterprise of the not too distant future will be changing in some significant ways, all of which I consider to be for the better of both them and their customers. This firm’s perception of where things are going, depicts a future of company that are more human, authentic, transparent and interactive with their customers.

Those blowing off blogs as a fad are ignoring the trends.

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