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Google local search : How does your business get included?

February 2, 2006

Google has a local search where users may search for businesses by location. Click on the ‘Find Businesses’ link and then key in the type of business and location for relevant results.

Where does Google Local get its information? This from Google’s local search help section:

Google Local for the United States compiles information from many sources to bring you the best of local search. Our listings combine information from our web search results, data submitted directly by local business owners, and sources such as publicly available Yellow Pages directories. Please note that we aren’t currently able to share our full list of U.S. Yellow Pages sources.

Google instructs you can add your business to Google local by going to the Local Business Center. You may also correct business information that is incorrect.

In addition to submitting your site, make sure the full address, not PO Box, with zip code and phone number, with area code, are included in the footer of each page of your blog or website. I also suggest putting each the address and phone number on one horizontal line each – makes it easier for the search engines to read.

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