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Blogs and interest conflicts

After reading a Washington Times article, Steve Rubel brought up the issue of blogs and interest conflicts.

I have both praised and criticized companies here in the past. I think it’s part of what makes my blog compelling. I call it as I see it. That may be well and good but what if one day these same companies comes calling on my employer for PR support and they discover these criticisms?

Like Steve, I call it the way I see it. And it costs me. I may never get to speak at the ABA TechShow for comments I have made about their programs. Could also be the same for the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) after LexisNexis’ Martindale-Hubbell, a large sponsor of the LMA national conference, got upset about my criticism of Martindale during my presentation at last year’s LMA conference. Though partnering with LexBlog is probably the best way for FindLaw or Martindale-Hubbell to deliver a a good & effective blog solution to thousands of their law firm customers, they’ll probably shy away because of my candor as to their products on this blog.

Along those same lines, I blog about what potential competitors are blogging. Gets a little scary but if I am going to cover the area of Internet marketing through blogs & RSS, I need to share what’s out there.

Mom always said to give the world the best you had and things will work out fine. Goes here too, win or lose.

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