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RSS copyright issues

Rok Hrastnik at the RSS Diary has a nice post this morning on RSS copyright issues.

Copyright and RSS have been a hot topic on the blogosphere of late. Content producers take full RSS feeds and display them on another site to improve search engine performance and to sell advertising.

From Rok:

John Palfrey at the Berkman Center at Harward Law School continues the discussion and comes quite close to the solution I’ve been proposing some time ago. Basically, the solution is to re-syndicate only the headlines with a short digest, giving full credit to the source, making both the publisher and the marketer happy. [there’s more to it, but just read John’s post for that]

This in fact does seem right, as it protects both the publisher and at the same time represents the natural use of the RSS channel, also making it possible for marketers to create RSS Radars that filter content from multiple RSS sources based on precise keyword combinations.

I am sure there’s more to come on this as the get rich quick off the Internet schemers take advantage of things.

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