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57 % of lawyers reading blogs, 19 % authoring blogs

January 23, 2006

57% lawyers are reading blogs and 19% are authoring them. This from an unscientific sampling of the ABA litigation section’s question of the month.
Ron Friedman, head of Prism Legal Consulting commented on the survey in an article in LegalTechnology.

I would guess that respondents are lawyers who already spend a fair bit of time online, which would likely bias the sample toward blog readers and writers.

Denise Howell, my source for this post at Between Lawyers, added:

I’d say that’s a decent guess, given it was an online survey on an ABA section site — though I think it’s just as possible the type and location of the survey made it more likely to attract those who don’t read or write blogs; I know as one of the 19% I tend to spend my online time in places other than ABA section sites. Whatever you may conclude about the reliability of the survey, note that nothing about it keeps Ron (or me) from thinking blogs are ‘for real.

Whatever the exact number doesn’t matter. What this says is that blogs are a big deal for lawyers. Lawyers will be looking to blogs for information and savvy lawyers will be authoring blogs to enhance their reputation as a reliable and trusted authority in their area of expertise.

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