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University student blogging : Free PR blogs & seeking your input

January 21, 2006

Auburn University, at its, has over 50 new Auburn student bloggers and several others from around the world.

Professor Robert French, a heck of a guy who heads up the project, is asking for your input.

…[W]e have a critique underway examining the value of student blogging practices. Please visit that link and provide your input. You may comment there, or blog about it in your blog and trackback to the post. The more input we receive, the better we may evaluate our efforts. Thanks!

As way of background, offers free blogs to educators and students. The purpose to be prepare students to deal with blogs, now and in their professional life. Students will be creating blogs and online portfolios.

I’m talking with Professor French to see if we can find students to blog on worthwhile legal issues. There are so many niche topics in the law for which a blog could serve as a heck of clearing house on reported relevant information. In turn, as blogs grow in popularity LexBlog expects to see law firms sponsor such blogs as a means of marketing. Sure beats the heck out expensive and tasteless yellow page and television ads.

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