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Blogs lead to living a cached life

January 21, 2006

Om Malik, a senior writer for Business 2.0 magazine, has some interesting thoughts on the privacy we’re giving up through stored digital content.

Search engines are like the digital sand, where we leave foot prints…..Somewhere on some server, in some SAN your life is cached. We are living a cached life. And it is going to get even more cached, as we turn to always-on wireless devices. Our RSS will be cached somewhere. So will be our thoughts that appear on blogs. Our TiVo watching patterns to music listening patterns in iTunes, and other such new conveniences are part of a new cached, convenient albeit less private life.

I tend to live with what I say, even if it’s something said with conviction that I know will ruffle the feathers of others. I’ll be 50 in a month and life’s now too short to worry about others think of me when I speak up.

But if you’re scared about leaving trails of your convictions and beliefs behind, blog carefully. Or at a minimum, keep posts you create in a heat of passion in draft form till the next morning.

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