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Google Analytics re-opens by invite only

Google Analytics, an excellent free web stats tool, is adding new users on an invitation-only basis. If you would like an invitation, you can submit your email address on the Google Analytics home page.

Per Google:

As you may know, we experienced extraordinarily strong demand shortly after we launched last November. To ensure a high quality user experience for existing customers, we had to temporarily disable new signups. We have been working diligently to add more capacity that we can both enhance performance for existing users and re-open signups to a limited number of new users.

Since we launched, we’ve improved the freshness of report data so that our existing customers can see reports that are as recent as 3 hours ago. We’ve also re-enabled the addition of new profiles so that all of our existing customers can track additional sites using Google Analytics.

Currently, we don’t have enough capacity yet to re-open signups for everyone who wants an account. Not everyone who previously sent us an email address received an invite. We will continue to send out additional invites as we add more capacity.

I believe if you are a Google AdWords user you’ll have a better chance of getting in. It worked for me.

Source of post: Slashdot

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