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Click to call advertising is picking up steam

January 14, 2006

Click to call advertising is a powerful local marketing tool says John Jantsch at his Duct Tape Marketing Blog

Pay per call advertising is picking up some serious steam. So much so that I am currently writing a full report on the subject for release soon.

Pay per call, like its better known cousin pay per click, is advertising that generates a billable event only when the reader of the ad does something – in this case, makes a phone call.

For certain types of local small business advertisers this form of advertising is going be huge. Every major search engine has made a local search play. It only makes sense that they are going to move into other devices like your phone too……The search engines are going to jump on this in a very big way. They have already found that businesses are eager for this form of and will pay much more for it because the conversion rate is often as much as ten times greater than pay per click.

For law firms and professional services firms click to call is going to be a big deal. Users do a search at Google for a local divorce lawyer, info on various lawyers is displayed and they then click on a link for a call on VOIP (voice over Internet protocol).

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