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Yahoo! CEO endorses publishing via blogs

Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel, a mass media guy formerly being at Warner, Disney & CBS, made clear Yahoo was going to support citizen journalism via blogs. This, via Engadget, from Semel’s presentation yesterday at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in Vegas.

Almost everything on Yahoo! is content.  About 80 percent of the content people have heard of,….’

Montage of people as publishers — citizen journalism after the Madrid train bombings. 

People can elect to have us ad an advertisement to [their content] and effectively go into business as a publisher.  It creates a whole new world.  We can call it tail content, I prefer to call it user-generated content.

Man, if I am a lawyer or business person and the mass media say they’ll play my stuff if I’ll spend a holf hour a week producing it, I’m all over it. Believe it or not, that’s what Yahoo is telling you. Get your blog content up and they’ll work on distributing it to the masses.

Source of post: Chris Anderson’s Long Tail

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