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RSS reader recommendation? NetNewsWire

January 6, 2006

Heather Green at BusinessWeek and Jeremy Wright, author of recently published Blog Marketing, are getting fed up with Bloglines.

Heather says bloglines doesn’t work consistently and is asking readers to suggest alternatives. Newsgator is leading the way as a suggested reader in the comments to her post.

Like Heather, Jeremy likes the Bloglines display but is ready to dump it and is asking for suggestions.

I’ve decided it’s time to think about dumping Bloglines. Between the outages, the inability to search feeds, the duplicate feeds and the fact that it often takes hours for new posts to appear it just isn’t worth the hassle anymore.

The problem is that I LOVE the way Bloglines displays feeds: as one massive page (ie: a River of News). Anyone know of any other decent readers that function the same way?

There is only one RSS reader that works great that I know of. It’s NetNewsWire and it runs only on a Mac. It’s sister application, MarsEdit, works in conjunction with NetNewsire to publish content directly from the reader to your blog. These puppies are not going to be beat. Even though Microsoft’s new operating system will incorporate RSS, it’s laughable to think Microsoft is to go to have a good application to read RSS feeds.

Best suggestion for RSS reader? Get a Mac and take your blog publishing to the next level. If you are using your blog to market your business, the money you’ll make will far offset the cost of buying a fully guaranteed rebuilt PowerBook G4 at about $1,200. NetNewswire and MarsEdit will set you back all of $49.90.

If you’re stuck on a PC for other reasons, that’s okay. Treat your Mac with NetNewswire and MarsEdit as your marketing partner. You’ll be glad you did.

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