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Richard Edelman resolves to link to other blogs

Shel Israel, co-author with Robert Scobel on Naked Conversations, called Richard Edelman on his failure to link to other blogs when referencing such posts in Edelman’s 6 AM Blog. Shel held no punches in saying it was “…appalling and indicative that he is ether too lazy or too self-centered to bother to link to other bloggers…”

True to the blogosphere, Edelman posted a comment to the post resolving to link from now on.

Shel, you are right. I should have included a link to Suw’s blog. No excuse other than that I was in a rush and on vacation in London with my family. Since I began my blog, I have focused on writing at least once a week and responding to every comment. My New Year’s resolution is to join the conversation more regularly and to be sure to insert links in each of my blogs. I take your criticism constructively and hope that you, Trevor Cook and others will observe a change in 2006.

May sound pithy that I’m sharing this with you. It’s not. First, blogs and the the blogosphere work because of the conversation, sharing of information and networking that takes place between blogs. Linking so that one is given proper attribution is a key component in making the system work.

Second, Edelman heads up the largest independent PR firm in the world. By listening to criticism from guys like Shel and responding to same, he’s out there partaking in the conversation. Via your blog you can join in this conversation and network with guys like Edelmen. That’s not to say we should put them on a pedestal. But you’d be amazed at the people I have met via posts to my blog.

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