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Local blogging networks provide marketing opportunity for business professionals

An awful lot of people in your community are reading local blogs. Heck, LexBlog is relocating to Bozeman and I have already begun to network with some of the 20 to 30 good blogs published by Bozmnanites, a community of only 30,000.

If you are a lawyer or other business professional, get to to know some of the higher profile bloggers in your community. There may be occasions when one of their blog posts may be of interest to your target audience. Write about the post in your blog. Post a comment on their blog when the topic interests you, whether it’s related to the subject of your blog or not. Your email and blog address will be included in the comment.

Do this and you will start to get known in your online local community. Best of all you’ll get know for your professional expertise. And I’ll bet you my bottom dollar, there will be less competition in that online community than at a local chamber or Rotary meeting. That’s because your competition won’t have a clue that this community exists and even if they do, they won’t know how to network like you. I’ll also bet you many of those local bloggers will be more influential than some of the folks you meet at local civic club gatherings.

The Charlottesville, Virginia Daily Progress had a nice article this morning on growth of local blogging communities. Look at what some of the locals had to say.

I think that blogging has its greatest impact locally,’ Rick Sincere [local PR person] said. ‘Blogs are replacing the cultural and political events that used to be covered by newspapers. We’re the people who can go to a Chamber of Commerce breakfast. We are on the spot when [traditional media] can’t be there. Blogs are quite valuable in bringing communities together.’ ….’I want a Plan 9 blog, where employees tell me what they’re listening to,’ Waldo Jaquith [local blog publisher] said, ‘and while they’re at it, what sales are on at Plan 9. I want a Market Street Wine Shop blog. ? I also want wine recommendations, I want to know what great port they just got in and how it was with dinner last night. I want a Cary’s Camera blog, which would feature photos by some of their customers, advice on their techniques, explanations of some of the work they do and technical tips on photography. And so on.’

With his blog ‘Central VA real estate news, trends and opinions,’ Jim Duncan seems to be taking advantage of the idea that blogging can bring a local business success.

‘I post anything that can remotely be related to real estate, land use, taxes, a lot of politics,’ Duncan said. ‘I focus as much as possible on local issues. It’s where I live and where I can have an impact.’

Duncan created the blog earlier this year. He maintains it himself, gathering interesting news bits and discussions from all over the Web…..I like to think that it gives me an edge over my competition if for no other reason … than I’m well informed,’ Duncan said, comparing his electronic wooing of potential clients to an online dating service. ‘Finding a real estate agent is kind of like dating. You have a small window to make an impression and then you’re with that person for a long time.’

I agree with Jaquith who says, “I see more blogs, inevitably, in the months and coming years ahead. I forecast a strong blogging community in Charlottesville. And I think we’ll have a stronger community for it.”

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