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Law firm blogs rekindle thinking as an art

Law firm blogs can be so much more than a rehash of articles, newsletters and alerts says Bruce Allen, CMO at Rutan & Tucker, at his Marketing Catalyst blog.

Blogging has rekindled thinking as an art. …..What can this mean to a law firm? Everything! I believe a law firm blog can be more than a traditional legal newsletter chopped into little bite-sized posts. It can be a place where new thinking is revealed and the authors (attorneys) explore what might be less than traditional.

Posting on a blog is about thinking out loud. A new law goes in effect or a decision is passed down. An attorney can explore the ripple of such things, and maybe even suggest new directions; new ideas.

I like blogs because people are thinking out loud. Something that has not happened all too well in this generation.

Bruce’s blog is a good one for those looking for law firm marketing and sales insight. He’s no light weight. Not only is Bruce the CMO at Rutan & Tucker, a California business law firm with 150 attorneys, he was previously with Deloitte and before that, as he says, on the great ride at Brobeck. Just added his blog to my feeds this morning.

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