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Yahoo sponsored listings getting new look

Per an email last night to all Yahoo! Search Marketing (Overture) customers, there’s going to be a change in the look of Yahoo sponsored listings. The changes will take place January 18.

  • Yahoo! will display shorter descriptions for Sponsored Search listings
  • You don’t have to make any changes to your listings; they’ll be automatically shortened for you when displayed on Yahoo!
  • If you’d like to optimize your listings for Yahoo!, begin your description with one short sentence that includes your keyword and focuses on your most important information in the first 70 characters
  • Over time, we will fine tune the exact character count that we believe works best for advertisers and search users
  • Most of our partners, including MSN, CNN, ESPN and Infospace, will still display longer descriptions for your Sponsored Search listings, though the exact length may vary from partner to partner

Law firms and other professional services businesses should take advantage of sponsored listings. They can be done tastefully via the text you display. They’re good for branding. And they cost very little.

Source for post: Search Engine Journal

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