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Niche blogs bring benefits

Though not a law firm or professional service business, we can learn from Tammy Powley, a former defense industry technical writer and now a freelance writer, who publishes three niche oriented blogs about jewelry.

Tammy shares the benefits of niche blogs at a post on ProBlogger.

  • You become an expert. Your knowledge grows and so does your reputation. This can lead to more work and recognition.
  • You can cross promote yourself. Mention items you are working on, media coverage, your speaking engagements, successes you’re clients have had etc.
  • You build an audience. By positioning yourself as an expert and cross promoting your on line and off writing, you build an audience. Readers of one blog turn into readers of your web site who turn into readers of your books. As you build an audience of readers, you build your reputation in your chosen topic field.

As Tammy says, publishing a blog requires a niche. Heck, that’s easy, pick something you are already knowledgeable about and extremely interested in. If it’s not what you are doing as part of your profession, you’ve got far greater problems than selecting a blog topic. Share that interest with others. Write about you read on other blogs. Your passion and skill will shine through.

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