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Legal marketing expert Burkey Belser : Blogs effective marketing tool

Burkey Belser of Greenfield Bulser endorses blogs as a an effective marketing tool for law firm marketing in an interview published at lawfirmblogging. Here’s some highlights.

  • I would do everything I could to encourage bloggers within the firm. Associates and young partners might find it a gateway to building a practice, particularly if they’re uncomfortable in the person-to-person sales moment.
  • Link to the blog prominently from the firm site. Remember, law is a relationship business and those relationships should be built however they can. Value accrues to the firm by featuring blogs prominently because the firm itself appears hip, technologically savvy, young and energetic. Go bloggers!
  • Here’s a gospel we preach to our clients every day: ‘Don’t advertise, contribute to the conversation.’ When there is good conversation, there are good feelings all around, mutual respect and pleasure in the activity.
  • [Blogs are] very attractive. Some great voices will be found through blogs, some great personalities. But life is not Tron. We still have to get out, meet and greet in the real world.
  • On advising firm to begin blogs – Go for it. If you fail or get tired of it, then chances are no one will have noticed anyhow. It’s a great place to fail. Like diving off a cliff and landing in bed.

I don’t agree with Belser where he mentioned advertising on blogs as a positive. He said in many magazines the ads draw may folks. Don’t think we’re there yet in blogs.

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