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Yahoo! to offer blogs on Movable Type

Under an agreement announced this week, Yahoo! will offer Yahoo website customers the ability to create blogs hosted by Yahoo! and built using Six Apart’s Movable Type software.

Blogging is quickly moving into the mainstream as companies grow their businesses by using blogs for marketing purposes, for internal workgroups and even for content management,’ said Anil Dash, Six Apart’s vice president of professional products. ‘By partnering with Yahoo! and customizing Movable Type specifically for their environment, we have created the best Movable Type experience on the web.

How does this effect LexBlog and other major blog developers for corporations and professional services business? It’s good knews in that heightens the awareness of blogs as a business marketing tool.

As far as law firms and professional services businesses jumping to Yahoo’s blogs? I don’t think so. The days of software, web based or desktop, being viewed as something that customers just run by themselves are over.

As reported in Sundays’s New York Times, Mark Lucovsky, a former senior engineer at Microsoft who joined Google, wrote in his blog earlier this year,

Microsoft used to know how to ship software, but the world has changed. The companies to watch… deeply understand the concept of ‘software as a service‘ and know how to deliver incredible value to their customers efficiently and quickly.

LexBlog delivers a turnkey blog solution for successful businesses that are looking for a return on their blog investment. Our clients are looking for consulting, custom design, hosting, marketing and free ongoing support. They cannot afford software without service.

Yahoo also pushed the heck out of small business websites, including those for law firms. I never saw many takers. With items such as requiring your blog on the Yahoo domain, ie, combined with a lack of services to teach law firms and other businesses how to blog, I do not see a lot of successful business takers here.

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