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Video Podcasts : More from the New York Times

December 12, 2005

In addition to the video blogs feature in the Sunday’s Arts Section, Video Podcasts were also featured in Yesterday’s NYTimes Magazine’s annual Year in Ideas issue.

What gives video podcasts their revolutionary potential is that, like audio podcasts, they can be made and published on the Web by producers with large budgets and salaries or producers with no budgets and allowances. By making it easy to subscribe to podcasts through iTunes, Apple is allowing home-schooled media makers to distribute their programming directly to a global audience. ……Blogs have already demonstrated that there is an audience online for even the most personal content if it is delivered with flair and intelligence. Some of the video podcasts in the iTunes directory already have thousands of viewers and a few have tens of thousands. If those numbers continue to increase, and someone figures out how to make money from subscribers, video podcasts that are narrowcast to thousands might just replace TV shows broadcast to millions.

Source for post: Heather Green at BusinessWeek