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PubSub distributes RSS feeds to CBS affiliates

PubSub, one of the major RSS feed aggregators, is now delivering RSS feeds to all CBS local affiliate news pages via a deal with Viacom. Check out the one for New York City on the WCBSTV web site. The service is labeled TrackIt which is described as ‘a matching service that tracks topics that matter to you.’

Just talking to Jesse, our lead IT guy, today that the main stream media appears much more accepting of Internet generated technology this time around as opposed to the Internet 1.0/dotcom era. This looks like further evidence of the trend. I think it’s a combination of technology such as RSS enhancing the delivery of media and having no doubt that the Internet is no passing fad this time around. And of course more eyeballs, or keeping the eyeballs you have, means ad dollars.

Source of post: Like many others – Micro Persuasion

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