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Carolyn Elefant’s My Shingle blog turns three

December 10, 2005

Carolyn Elefant’s My Shingle blog turned three years old this week.

In announcing the anniversary, Carolyn shared her first post.

We seek to serve a broad audience — solos and small firm lawyers foremost of course, but also lawyers who dream of hanging out a shingle and law students for whom solo and small firm practice might some day offer a career option. Here’s the place to learn the basics about starting and running a law practice, read about solo and small law firm concerns, learn about solo and small firm accomplishments, discuss new models for collaboration between large and small firms and ponder the place that we solos and small firms occupy in the legal universe.

Carolyn, you’ve not only caused lawyers to make the jump to a solo practice via the valuable information you share, but you’ve also shown lawyers like me how to publish an effective blog.

Time to start making anniversary announcement’s for LexBlog’s clients’ blogs. You guys are not only experiencing marketing success but establishing yourselves as reliable and trusted authorities in your area of practice.