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Large law firm blogs, LexBlog and client, Sheppard Mullin, cited by ALM for marketing success

Large law firm blogs and how they are being used to enhance the reputation of lawyers as trusted and reliable authorities is the subject of a lengthy article in American Lawyer Media’s Legal Technology.

It’s a basic business proposition that has driven the growing sophistication of legal marketing over the last several years. And now, through a blog, lawyers can speed up the process of establishing their reputation as an expert. For instance, rather than an occasional appearance at a conference or seminar, attorneys can have an ongoing exchange of ideas regarding their particular expertise.

Rather than rehash what Vickie Spang, Sheppard Mullin’s Chief Marketing Officer, Tom Baldwin, the firm’s Chief Knowledge Officer and I had to say about the use of blogs in a large firm, read the full article. Tom and Vickie do an excellent job of reviewing blog strategy, how to get lawyers involved, the challenges they faced and the rewards realized. Plus ALM’s reporter, Ryan Malkin, does a far better job than I could in providing you the lowdown.

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