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Search Engine Marketing Conference : RSS benefits & feeds management

Lee Odden, President of TopRank Online Marketing, reports day two of the Chicago Search Engine Strategies conference included a session on RSS, Blogs and Search Marketing moderated by Danny Sullivan. Here’s the highlights.

Benefits of RSS

  • Build stronger customer relationships
  • Avoids email spam
  • Easy to maintain
  • Proven traffic generator

Uses of RSS Feeds

  • Affiliate
  • Syndicating your content
  • Product announcements, uses, tips, articles
  • Customer communications
  • Press room
  • Career channel
  • RSS drives traffic – 6.8% CTR on RSS feeds to site (simple feed)

Optimize your feeds

  • Use keywords in the title < 100 characters
  • Write description as if it were for a directory < 500 characters
  • Use full paths onlinks and unique URLs for each item
  • Each feed should have a keyword theme
  • Include images for branding
  • Submit your feeds
  • Claim your feed at Technorati and subscribe to your own feed
  • Make your feeds available for syndication – FeedRoll
  • Use media specific feeds for iTunes and Yahoo! Media
  • Measure circulation, viewership and readership
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